Anti Sleep Alarm

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Tired employees are dangerous!

You can increase the safety of your employees now

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Security firm

  • Night shift employees

Anyone can experience fatigue at work, at any time of day. When we are tired, our awareness is slow, as is our ability to make decisions and we act slowly.

Driver fatigue is the cause of 25% of all traffic accidents.

There are some factors that increase the risk significantly:

  • if you sleep less than 6 hours
  • more than 16 hours awake
  • if you have night shifts

This is every day, many at risk of being involved in an accident.

The anti sleep alarm StopSleep has three operating modes, that differ through various operating signals:
1. Standard Mode: all signals as sound alert or with sound combined.
2. Taxi / Security. Signals "Warning" and "Alarm" come as a vibration alarm with different duration or as light Alarm without sound, so that customers do not disturb, but still warn against falling asleep.
3. Silence. All signals except the shutdown will be outputted without sound. In this case, only 4 signals are perceived: "Switching on" - vibration, light, "Warning", "Alarm" - vibrations of different durations, light, "Switching off" - light, sound.

Stopsleep saves events in a log file, that is not editable. The anti sleep alarm StopSleep records the time of turning on, turning off, and the generation of signals "No Contact" (sound), "Attention", "Alarm", "low charge".  To view the event log of StopSleep you can use a log file browser.


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