Anti Sleep Alarm

Road crashes are the single biggest killer of 15-24 year-olds in industrial countries. Young drivers are not just a danger to themselves; they also pose a greater risk to their passengers and other road users.

Crash death rates for drivers under 25 are roughly double those of older drivers. Young men are particularly at risk, with death rates of up to three times those of young women.

In addition to the terrible human cost, such tragedies impose a heavy financial burden on societies – according to one study, the total cost of a single road death is around one million euros.

Why should this be? The answer lies in a lethal mixture of age, inexperience and gender. Lack of experience shows in all new drivers, whatever their age. But physical and emotional immaturity and the lifestyles associated with youth also increase risk. And young men are particularly both the source of, and victims of traffic safety risk.

Also in such cases can help Stopsleep. StopSleep recognises the loss of concentration and warns its owner.

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