Anti Sleep Alarm

stopsleep_gpsFor each has now become clear that the Internet - a powerful technology platform. Nowadays is built up more and more businesses around the Internet, with its use and not on the internet. Number of useful services is growing every day and change the lives of millions people. A fascinating show in which one can participate with pleasure and profit.

We even just use the Internet only for promotion of anti sleep alarm, although we are constantly looking for ways to integrate into the network. That the integration with the Internet for StopSleep is not easy, we decided that anti sleep alarm can be connected with GPS.

A plugin is in development and soon we plan to produce it in series. This will allow to implement online services with existing devices. Main use is integration of Stop Sleep with systems for transport monitoring. Current systems for transport monitoring controls many parameters. Only operator is not controlled. Our anti sleep alarm helps to close this gap.

We hope that StopSleep in combination with GPS plugin offer marketable service for corporate clients .

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We grant you the right to return the StopSleep during the first 90 days after its purchase without providing reasons.