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Work Related Fatigue Accidents

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Accident Patterns and Risk Factors

Type of Driver | Time of Day | Type of Journey | Type of Road | Type of Accident

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Driver Fatigue and Road Accidents

There are difficulties in determining the level of sleep related accidents because there is no simple, reliable way for an investigating police officer to determine whether fatigue was a factor in an accident, and if it was, what level of fatigue the driver was suffering. This results in varying estimates of the level of sleep related accidents, and in particular, evidence based on accident reports usually produces lower estimated levels than research based on in-depth studies.

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Did you know you could be asleep for a few seconds and never realize it. Scientist call these microsleeps. When your really tired and force yourself to stay awake, you brain will sneak in little naps. They usually last for 2-3 seconds but can last for 30 seconds or more. The frightening thing is that you don't realize that your were asleep. Researches observed that drivers could sleep for up to 8 seconds without realizing it. That's plenty of time to drift out of your lane, and crash into a tree, a sign, or an oncoming car.

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Young People by “Disco-accidents”

Young drivers meet with an accident disproportionatively often during the nights of the weekends. As these accidents often are connected with drives to or from discotheque the term "disco accident" was coined. Teenage leisure activities, disco typical attractions and joined circumstances, just so alcohol taking of drivers favour the risk of an accident.

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