Anti Sleep Alarm

Nowadays, there are many systems for detection of fatigue and anti sleep alarm. Here we would like to tell you about some of them.

The first group are the anti sleep alarms which work on the principle of electronic balance. Worn behind the right ear if the head of the driver tends below a preset angle, the device outputs a loud alarm. But they are not recommended by ADAC (Germany's and Europe's largest automobile club). They suggest a false security because they do not work reliably. In addition, the anti sleep alarm only react to the sinking of the head - it could be that the microsleep a long time occurred.

Price: 4- 30 €

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F-A-S 100

The F-A-S 100 is an intelligent video analysis system that evaluates the detected using digital camera images of the road in a split second. It makes a high-performance ASIC video processor.

The F-A-S 100 consists of a camera module and the control unit. It is extremely easy to install in a few minutes. The camera module is mounted in the center of the windscreen (below the rear-view mirror), and the compact control unit takes place on the dashboard. If carelessness of the driver, the system warns loudly against the risk of unintentional departure from the lane.

Price: 299 €

FAS 100 T, LDWS- LKW Version



An infrared light emitting diode (IR-LED) from the Siemens subsidiary Osram Opto Semiconductors is designed to help timely identify the dangerous microsleep for drivers. But one needs in addition to the IR-LED, a suitable camera with a CMOS sensor, which detects the non-visible for the human IR light at a wavelength of 850 nanometers and thus evaluates the acquired image of the driver. It's all done by the driver unnoticed - even at night.

In the field of vision of the driver mounted camera detects using image analysis software, whether it is tired or distracted. Because of their small size and integrated lens that illuminates an angle of 40 degrees, can the LED type SFH4236 be easily installed  eg in the dashboard of a vehicle and illuminates free of shadows the driver from in front.

Price: unknown



Anti Sleep Pilot®

The Anti Sleep Pilot® continuously calculates your fatigue level, maintains your alertness through simple tests and recommends taking a preventative break before your fatigue level becomes critical.

Price: 149 €



Anti sleep alarm Vigiton®

Anti sleep alarm Vigiton® from Neurocom is a system that consists of several elements. How StopSleep  measures Vigiton electrodermal activity.

Price: $ 600-1000 depending on the configuration



Eyetracker from Fraunhofer Institut 

Anti sleep alarm Eyetracker from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT). Warning system consists in its current version of two cameras and a control unit. The Eyetracker detects the driver's face constantly 3-dimensional and can so detect if they close their eyes for longer than a second.

Price: unknown



Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection

Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection can detect initial signs of fatigue and falling asleep by monitoring steering movements and advising drivers to take a break in time. The required information is provided either by the car’s electric power steering system, or by the steering angle sensor which is part of the car’s ESP® anti-skid system. The feature can therefore be installed cost-effectively and helps further increase road safety. Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection can be used in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and can also be integrated into various control units in vehicles. It was first introduced as a standard feature in 2010, in the new Volkswagen Passat.

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The Optalert Glasses

Optalert drowsiness monitoring glasses work by measuring the velocity of the operator’s eyelid 500 times a second using a tiny invisible LED built into the frame of the glasses. Core to the success of this safety technology are two key measurements that tracks the amplitude velocity ratio – essentially how fast and how far a person opens their eyelid after they close it. This measurement is translated into a score, which the operator sees inside the cab of their vehicle on the Optalert Dashboard Indicator.

Price: unknown


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