Anti Sleep Alarm

Alexander Levenstein


My core principle is fairness to all people. My customers and partners can rely on it. I created this business not only for profit, but also because of that fact that with the help of our product people can live a bit better, longer and more comfortably.

Alexander Levenstein
the owner and CEO of PPS-Diagnostika
the manufacturer of anti sleep alarm StopSleep


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russian startup ratingStopsleep is one of the top 50 best Russian startups accordint the rating "The Russian Startup Rating 2013". With not "AA" we are on the place 12 and on place 3 in sector "LifeScience". The Russian Startup Rating uses the level of development to identify investment appeal and help describe and structure the market for such companies.


How was StopSleep developed?

On the motorway in heavy traffic a car drives 120 km/h. Its body touches the separating barrier twice. Just one more moment and a disaster will happen! As if by wonder, a young man in the front passenger’s seat wakes up and saves the situation: He grabs the steering wheel from the hands of the nodded off driver and navigates the car back to the right. “I went through it several times in my head”, says Alexander Levinstein. “If the son hadn’t woken up, there wouldn’t be much left of us and of those who we would have driven into”. The unpleasant situation would have simply remained a memory, but fate decided it differently. Now Levinstein develops a new business: he produces the nod off alarm device StopSleep. The very first StopSleep device features a Velcro strip for fingers with zinc contacts stitched on it and an electronic box for the wrist. This is a test sensor for the real-time information collection. On this basis the first prototypes were created. It was clumsy and awkward, but already absolutely fully functional.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Try it yourself for 90 days!

We grant you the right to return the StopSleep during the first 90 days after its purchase without providing reasons.