Anti Sleep Alarm

A simple solution for a complex problem
The anti sleep alarm StopSleep recognises the loss of concentration and prevents microsleep. In this way you can avoid the dangerous fatigue and save your life.


  • So I have finally tried the device out, I drove to Crimea 1500 km. I agree, the rings are a little unusual for fingers and at first you feel them all the time, but later you get used to it. In regards to the device's functionality - it is an interesting, useful and really necessary thing for drivers. So, anyway, the device has helped me twice during that drive. I did not want to risk it and listened to it. And in fact I was in the "head full of fog" state when the device has really responded!

    Oleg Kruglov - Moscow, Russia

  • I drive my car about 6 hours per day. Three months ago I bought the Stopsleep. After a month I noticed that my driving style has changed, I became more attentive to the road. It is connected by that I try to avoid the signal of the device.

    Harald Stelljes - Ulm, Germany

  • A bit overpriced, but really "saving your life" device. Highly recommend for any long car journeys.

    Dmitry Yunov - Kenilworht, United Kingdom

  • I use stopsleep every day on the way home from the office. My experience shows that it always alerts when I do not notice that I'm unfocused and slowly doze off. In all cases, stopsleep helps a lot, since you already have an incentive that it does not beep. Have already recommended your system, it would also buy any time.

    Johannes Flanz - Vendersheim, Germany

What is a microsleep?

A driver has to fulfil many requirements, often simultaneously: he has to react quickly, follow the speed limits, correctly assess the driven distances and distances to hindrances. A tired driver cannot meet all these requirements. Moreover, fatigue drivers tend to overrate their abilities. They think they are fit enough for instance to get home safely.


If the drivers ignore signs of early fatigue, they can suddenly fall into a so called microsleep. In this phase of one to five seconds although one has their eyes open, people are not able to react. Thus, at the pace of 100 km/h a car covers a distance of up to 140 meters without any control.

How does Anti-sleep Alarm StopSleep work

How does Anti-sleep Alarm StopSleep work?

Anti-sleep alarm measures the conductivity of the skin (electrodermal activity - EDA). EDA reflects brain activity. The fact that the electrical conductivity of the skin varies, depending on the activity of the brain was found about hundred years ago. Many developers based on this discovery, which led to hundreds of patents. Among others, the function of Polygraphes - the lie detector - based on this principle, the device fixes the changes in skin conductance of those tested in answering the questions.

The processing algorithm of the signal, which is used in the anti sleep alarm StopSleep is used in a reliable detection of the following two states:

  • Falling asleep, is characterized by a strong signal decrease
  • Reduction of reaction, which can be called by the start of drowsiness, deep thought or simply boredom.

Both conditions are dangerous for the driver, and therefore generate anti sleep alarm StopSleep in these cases warning signals (sound, vibration).

So that the fatigue detection to work properly it is important start to use anti sleep alarm StopSleep in time, when you are still active, and not when you are tired already. The fatigue detection takes 3-5 minutes to measure your current brain activity and then your fatigue is estimated from this level. The anti-sleep alarm don't need to drive specific number of miles, you can put it on before you drive. Stopleep controls the level of your response and can even be helpful for short distance.

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